radionica1In the period 01 - 03 July 2016 in Kotor (Hotel "Vardar") "EC Ma Ndryshe", NGO from Prizren (Kosovo), organized a workshop with the theme "Tourist Cooperation between Kosovo and BiH". The workshop was attended by participants from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo; representatives of institutions, entrepreneurs and NGOs, among which representative of EXPEDITIO.

KATUN Bilten 2 9The two year project "Valorization of Montenegrin pasture settlements through the sustainable development of agriculture and tourism - KATUN", that is being implemented during April 2015 - March 2017, under the patronage of the Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Montenegro and funded by the Ministry of Science of Montenegro through INVO HERIC grant No: 01-646; recently published KATUN - Bulletin#2, which focuses mainly on the activities and results achieved in the second half of the first research year of the project.

creative mentorship1EXPEDITIO representative, Aleksandra Kapetanovic, was chosen as one of the 25 mentors of the Third Cycle of the program "Creative Mentorship". CREATIVE MENTORSHIP is the first mentorship program in Serbia which deals with the personal and professional development of future leaders in the field of culture. The Program promotes mentorship as a way of life along learning and the exchange of knowledge and experiences between the generated professionals, mentors and future experts, mentees. The Third Cycle of the Program runs from June 2016 till May 2017.

programa stručnog usavršavanja nastavnikaA training program developed by EXPEDITIO has been included in the Catalogue of Teacher Training Programs for the school year 2016/2017. Training programs were selected by the National Education Council in accordance with the Decision No 04-5-1088 on selection of teacher training programs for the school year 2016/2017, made on 14 June 2016. The program that will be implemented by EXPEDITIO is entitled “Evaluation and Planning of Space – Sustainable Cities and Neighborhoods”.

report germanyA report has been prepared on the Study Visit to Germany intended for representatives of Montenegrin schools and kindergarten, which was organized from 5 to 9 June 2016 within the project SCHOOL4CITY. Representatives of 5 schools and kindergartens (from Plav, Podgorica, Danilovgrad and Kotor), together with the project partners – JAS from Germany, Bureau for Education Services of Montenegro and Expeditio, became acquainted with some good examples of education about sustainable development and sustainable cities at schools and kindergartens in Essen and Dusseldorf, Germany.

Study visit Germany PHOTO JAS 2016Study visit for representatives of schools and kindergartens from Montenegro was organized within the project SCHOOL4CITY on 5-9 June 2016. Representatives of 5 schools and kindergartens (Plav, Podgorica, Danilovgrad and Kotor) with the partners of the project - JAS Germany, Bureau for Education Services of Montenegro and Expeditio, met with examples of good practice in the field of education on sustainable development and sustainable cities in Essen and Dusseldorf in Germany. The donor of the project is DBU.

fotke socAfter finished workshop “Through Social Marketing To Change”, which was organized as part of the StroNGO project in Gornja Lastva, we have asked the participants to share with us their impressions, comments and suggestions. Below you can read some of the comments from the evaluation. Thank you all for the participation and contribution.

sektor 16The drafting of the State Location Study "Sector 16" Old Town - Škaljari - Peluzica in Kotor, within the Spatial Plan for the special purpose area for "Morsko dobro" is in the progress. On that occasion, in the Municipality of Kotor, was organized the meeting to collect opinions and suggestions of different stakeholders.

Menadzment plan KOThe Government of Montenegro adopted a Decision on the appointment of Council for the Management of Natural and Culturo-historical Region of Kotor members at its session of 28 December 2015. Among the Council members is, on a proposal from non-governmental organizations dealing with the protection and conservation of Kotor, the representative of EXPEDITIO, Aleksandra Kapetanovic, B. Sc. ing. arch. conservator.

posjeta studentiOn Wednesday, 27 April 2016, NGO Expeditio had a visit from the students of University of Technology in Graz (Institute for the History of Urbanism and Architecture) who spent several days in a study visit to Montenegro. Study visit was led by Ing. Volker K. Pachauer, professor, while, from 19 students who were visiting, some are finishing their Bachelor studies while some are at the beginning of Master studies. "Special" member of this visit was Dr. Reinfrid Vergeiner, Vice President of the Austrian Society for Fortification Research.

KatunOn Tuesday, 26 April 2016, in Podgorica, in the library of the Historical Institute of the University of Montenegro was held the workshop titled "Mountain Cultural Heritage - Research, Evaluation and Promotion". The workshop was organized as part of the project “Evaluation of Montenegrin Summer Postures through the Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Tourism – KATUN”.

EXPEDITIO is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to encourage sustainable spatial development in Montenegro and SEE region through activity in the fields of sustainable architecture, cultural heritage, urban planning and through projects that encourage overall development of the civil society. Expeditio was established in 1997.




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