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Ajloun Murals were implemented in Ajloun – Anjara Area (Jordan) that were done by a young group of people from Ajloun itself who were extremely excited to beautify their own city. Ajloun is usually known that it is the most  green city among other cities here in Jordan. However Ajloun is famous for its historical value, and the youngsters tried to reserve it and at the same time install some joyful colors.

The Murals resembled nature with all its beautiful elements that it offers that ranges from colorful flowers, birds, trees and sunshine.

This is another Mural that was created in the same area, in between residential buildings which added vibrancy, harmony and a creative input that drives optimism within people.

The group of youth also took the initiative recently draw on walls of a main roundabout in Ajloun- Anjara, using drawings that focuses on patriotism hope to the place.


Ajloun youth society had put a great effort into this project and were held responsible of attaining the sustainability of such a project and promised to implement independent public space reviving projects that will help on perfecting their city and creating a great image of it.

Public space reviving was kind of a new idea for them and they never imagined that could make use of abandoned meters of walls or land to recreate something, inspirational, beneficial that leaves traces of what each of them had accomplished. They said ‘’ it felt really good to see the accomplishment in real life and feel its tangibility.

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