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Project title Sutvara - an architectural workshop
Key words architecture, survey, documentation
Aim of the project Aim of this project was surveying the existing state of the village of Sutvara.The project was initiated by the “Association for the Restoration of the Podlastva Monastery“from Grbalj.
Activities The project included surveying the village and making photo documentation. This is the first documentation ever done for the village of Sutvara situated at the field of Grbalj.
Outcomes / results

Study with all surveyed objects (cross sections, foundations, facades, photo documentation)

Participation in the exhibition “Grbalj through Centuries”, the Archive of Kotor

Role of Expeditio Lead
Duration and period 7 days (4-10 August 1998)
Donors “Association for the Restoration of the Podlastva Monastery“,Grbalj
Budget Volunteering with the support of the local community
FaLang translation system by Faboba