logo prefabIn September 2016, the project of Expeditio entitled PREFAB Ø ENERGY was approved by the European Union through the grant scheme “Transfer of knowledge between sectors of higher education, research and industry”, which is implemented in the framework of Operational Programme Human Resources Development for 2012-2013. Ministry of Finance of Montenegro, the Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds will be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the project.

The project, which began on 2 September 2016, will last 12 months.

The approved amount is EUR 22,436.19 (90% of the total value of the project).

The project lead partner is Expeditio, while other partners are the Architectural office “Enforma” Ltd from Kotor and the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Montenegro.

Overall objective of the project is improved transfer of knowledge between academic institution, SMEs and CSOs through developing innovation skills and improving product and services in the field of zero energy prefab construction.

Specific objectives:
- To develop Ø ENERGY PREFAB BUILDING CONCEPTS for three climatic zones in Montenegro - coastal, central and northern
- To increase partners’ professional capacities in the field of Ø ENERGY PREFABRICATED CONSTRUCTION.

Estimated results:
- Increased partners’ knowledge of global trends in the field of Ø energy prefab construction, and explored possibilities to apply that concept in Montenegro 
- Developed Ø energy prefab architectural designs for three climatic zones in Montenegro – coastal, central and northern
- Improved understanding of the economic and market environment determining opportunities to develop prefabs in Montenegro
- Increased partners’ knowledge of Slovenian best practices in Ø energy prefab production and strengthened regional networking with SMEs dealing with prefabricated construction in Slovenia
- Improved framework for the project’s sustainability through developing strategic documents that define a set of future services/products of SME partners in the field of Ø energy prefab production
- Increased visibility of the project through jointly developed PR material.

Main project activities:
- Developing 5 exert analyses of global trends in prefabricated, EE construction and possibilities for their application in Montenegro;
- Workshop aimed at developing preliminary concepts for prefabricated, Ø energy houses for southern, central and northern parts of Montenegro;
- Developing feasibility study, conducting market research and analyzing legislative framework for the development of prefabricated, Ø energy houses in Montenegro;
- Study visit to Slovenia;
- Public presentation aimed at promoting project results;
- Developing business models;
- Visibility activities – web, newsletter and social media;
- Presenting project at the Chamber of Economy – Board for EE

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