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Description: The project implies observing the process of constructing United Nations building in Podgorica. It will be the first UN building and first commercial building in this area constructed according to the ecological construction principles. The project aims at promoting the idea, principles and techniques of sustainable, energy efficient construction, and raising awareness about them, through observing a full process of UN building realization. It is planned as a pilot project enabling the understanding of benefits of eco construction, both for environmental protection, and quality of life of those applying it.
Place: Podgorica
Participants: EXPEDITIO
Result: The results of the action will be:
- Designing a website describing all phases of construction, promoting principles of sustainable construction
- Following the construction, photographing main phases, details and positions
- Printing promotional leaflets, organizing exhibition
- Producing TV programme presenting the construction from the idea to realization
Sredstva za ovaj projekat su odobrena UNDP, kancelarije u Podgorici.
Partners: -
Donors: UNDP
Fund: 5.500,00 €
Duration: 2005/2007
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