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Description: With its work "The Story about Two Islands" EXPEDITIO participated, as representative of Serbia and Montenegro, at the 9th Biennial of Venice 2004. The topic of the Biennial was "METAMORPH", and of our pavilion "Montenegrin ECO-logic Lab". The work of EXPEDITIO is a computer 3D animation, one of six works done by architects and artists that are active on the territory of Montenegro.

3D animation "The Story about Two Islands"
9th Biennial of Venice
The topic of the Biennial: METAMORPH
The topic of the Montenegrin pavilion: Montenegrin ECO-logic Lab
The pavilion commissioner: Danko Selinkić, an architect
Technical production of the animation: Darko Surdučki

“The Story about Two Islands” is a story about Perast, the town situated in the Bay of Boka Kotorska, which is related to the establishment of EXPEDITIO and some of its projects. EXPEDITIO started its work in 1997 through students’ research projects attempted at preventing further devastation of Perast, giving proposals for the revitalization of the town and drawing the public attention to its values and the dangers to which it was exposed.

The animation speaks about two islands of Perast, St. George and Our Lady of the Rock, which represent a rare combination of opposite elements joined into a unique spatial entity. The first island is natural, while the second one was created artificially – by depositing stones around an original crag over centuries. The artificial island undergoes the constant process of metamorphosis, not only physically, in form and size, but also in its non-material aspect, blending reality and legend. In this process of constant change, the islands keep their mutual harmony, creating a unity of exceptional power and beauty.

More information about the Montenegrin ECO-logic Lab pavilion >>>

Place: Venice
• Scene Design 02 - Site: KRSTAC
• Lazar Pejović
• Igor Rakčević
• Ivan Rakočević
• Dušan Vuksanović

Result: Participation at the 9th Biennial of Venice.

Partners: -
Donors: Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Montenegro
Duration: September 12 – November 9, 2004
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