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Description: How To Send A Message / How To Produce A Contemporary Art Work – Step By Step (HSM) is a writing project by artist Milica Tomić, whose original idea was to make the process of creating art transparent, to render this traumatic act less dramatic.
An intensive, two-year cooperation process between the author and the workshop participants resulted in deciding on some key questions concerning the production and exhibition policy, as well as the promotion and reception of contemporary art works.

In September 2004, an exhibition of works produced by the project participants was held in Belgrade, titled “How to End a Message” but it did not represent a final phase of the project. Since November 2003, architect Ljiljana Blagojević and representatives of EXPEDITIO - Milica Lopičić, Nataša Ilinčić, Davor Ereš and Marko Todorović - have been engaged in the project. Their role was to conduct individual interviews with the artist and, based on that, to contemplate how the realized art works could be exhibited and then, together with the artists, to define the space and ways in which to exhibit them.

The exhibition “How to End a Message” has been included in the international program of the 45th October Salon.

Place: Belgrade
Result: exhibitions
Partners: EXPEDITIO is a partner in the project
The project producers are: the Nordic Council of Ministers, within a two-year programme Norden Balkan Culture Switch, and the Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art – NIFCA.
Duration: 2004
FaLang translation system by Faboba