An architecture student, Yu Sern Hong, from Singapore was here to share his experience in Asia with us in Kotor. Sern Hong, 26, is currently pursuing his Masters of Architecture degree and has been in Kotor till 14 th July, to learn about the life and architecture here, as well as about Expeditio. He is also a member of mAAN (modern Asian Architecture Network --- an international organization concerned with the heritage and development of Asian cities.
The 1hr 30mins presentation was held on the 13 th July 2005, Wednesday, 20:00hrs at the Institute of Heritage Protection (Kotor).

The presentation:
Travelogue Exhibition --- “ Small Eyes big picture ”
This 15min presentation shows the works of 6 Singaporean and Malaysian architecture students which expresses their reflections and traveling experiences in parts of Asia . Though living in Asia all the time, they realized that they are unaware about many things about the region still. A short MTV-style video will show the proceedings of the exhibition held in Singapore .
ASEANia --- a youth-initiated activist group
Asean consists of the countries in South-east Asia . ‘ia' stands for interaction and awareness. A lack of the Asean ‘voice' and preservation of the culture and traditions have led to the formation of this group, made up of several youths of various disciplines from the Asean region. This 10 min presentation will showcase the activities and plans of this very young group.
Exploration and Understanding of Coastal Gateway cities in East Asia
This is a research framework study of cities' morphology using the medium of film documentary. A short 10-min presentation will explain the research objective and framework. Due to the phenomenal speed of development and modernization of several Asian cities, much of the cities' identity has somewhat been neglected lost. This research aims to be an “alert button” to understand better the needs and ensure proper development of these cities according to their unique identities. A pilot study video will also be shown. This 40-min film documentary is about Singapore --- Identity and Change.

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