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The Third Landscape Architecture Salon officially opened on September 4, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. in the 'IKAR' Aviation Club Gallery in Zemun.  The exhibition includes works in the field of landscape architecture: plans, projects, studies and research, publications and student papers. For this Third Landscape Architecture Salon, 126 papers were submitted. A total of 11 prizes were awarded to 3 projects, 1 plan, 4 student projects, 3 studies and one publication. A plaque was awarded for the Study and publication on natural and cultural heritage of the village of KOSTANJICA.

This study resulted in an amendment to the Urban Plan of Kostanjica. The study applied contemporary approaches to cultural heritage protection, whereby a broader notion of cultural and architectural heritage encompasses the region as a whole - a cultural landscapes that reflects the interrelations between people and nature. Architectural heritage is viewed as an integral part of the overall system and the cultural landscape.

The study of the protection of architectural heritage resources is based on an analysis of natural conditions and landscape characteristics, historical development of settlements and recognized architectural heritage value. Threats are also identified. Guidelines for the protection and promotion of cultural landscape resources are provided. Integrating the principles of the protection of cultural landscapes in policy development and planning process is extremely important especially because of the threat of uncontrolled and inappropriate development, which can lead to permanent loss of value in this area.

The responsible for creating the study: Faculty of Architecture, University of Montenegro, Podgorica

Jelena Franovic, landscape architect
Dr. Ilija Laloševic, architect
Aleksandra Kapetanovic, BSc. architect
Biljana Gligoric, architect

Authors and publishers: Expeditio - Center for Sustainable Spatial Development, Kotor, and the Faculty of Architecture, Podgorica

From the jury report: This study of the protection of cultural heritage resources in the Bay of Kotor, as well as publications that have stemmed from it, recognize modern principles in relation to cultural and natural heritage. Approaches to the protection of heritage must consider the cultural landscape holistically: people, nature, human activities and natural processes.

Download publication: Kostanjica - prirodno i kulturno nasljedje

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