boka_kulturni-predioCurrently, an assessment of the cultural landscape of Boka Kotorska and the area of Kotor on the UNESCO's World Heritage List is conducted by the Regional Institute for Heritage Protection from Kotor. The coordinator of this activity is Ms. Katri Lisitzin, a cultural landscape expert from Sweden. The assessment of the cultural landscape will be done by a local team, one of whose members is a representative of EXPEDITIO.

An excerpt from the project summary:

The need to develop value based guidelines for the sustainable management and development of the Kotor World Heritage has been recognized by World Heritage expert missions and workshops and, most recently, in the recommendations from the Visual Impact Study for the planned Verige bridge.  The aim of the Cultural Landscape Assessment is to develop a decision-guiding tool which addresses current challenges in Kotor Bay viewing historic and cultural environments as both qualitative and functional resources.

The approach encourages cross- disciplinary and cross-sector cooperation, and emphasizes the importance of public participation, communication and dissemination of results. An adapted analysis specific for Kotor WH site characteristics has been developed. It is based on practice from current cultural landscape analysis methods, among them the DIVE method and the Landscape Character Assessment. The results can be integrated into urban and environmental planning processes or used as independent knowledge-building tools. The World Heritage property is seen both in the context of the whole Boka Bay and within the World Heritage site boundaries.


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