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Within the project of the same name, Expeditio has designed a website named KOTOR FOR CHILDREN. This website can be viewed at The project is supported by the Commission for 2010 Allocation of Revenue from Games of Chance. The project idea is to familiarize children with the rich cultural and historical heritage in Kotor area in an interesting way suited for children.

The Old Town of Kotor, with its narrow streets and medieval atmosphere is a poetic and magic place for children, which provokes their imagination. Safety of pedestrian streets and squares makes Kotor an ideal „town of child “. Yet, it seems that the town potentials, from the children’s perspective, are not sufficiently used and to that extent, one of the first steps toward this goal is to familiarize children with the town in a way which is suited for them to arouse their curiosity and raise awareness of the values of the town they live in and encourage a responsible and caring attitude toward the town.

For these reasons, the website is conceived as an educational journey through the history and culture of Kotor with the presentation of the town, knowledge quiz, maps and attractive illustrations. In a simple and interesting manner, supported by numerous illustrations, the website shows historical periods, geography of Boka Kotorska, space and buildings of Kotor (churches, palaces, squares, piazzas ...), town stories and legends, important figures for the town history, etc. - all told in an interesting way, with lots of local expressions characteristically used in Boka Kotorska.

The website „Kotor for children“ will promote these values beyond regional boundaries  because it will not only enable the children from Boka Kotorska but also the children from other parts of Montenegro to familiarize themselves with the values of Kotor area.

In the implementation of this project we were supported by the Tourist Board of Kotorand NGO Kompas – Centre for Information and Consultation of Young People from Kotor. Visit

About the launching of the website, you can also listen to the audio recording taken from Skala Radio.

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