"ESDP European Spatial Development Perspective – Towards Balanced and Sustainable Development of the Territory of the European Union" represents a result of the agreement of the Member States of the European Union and the members of the European Commission on common objectives and concepts for the future development of the territory of the European Union. The ESDP is a suitable policy framework for the sectoral policies of the Community and the Member States that have spatial impacts, as well as for regional and local authorities, aimed at achieving a balanced and sustainable development of the European territory. It is also a suitable reference document for encouraging co-operation, while at the same time respecting the principle of subsidiarity.
icon ESDP Evropska perspektiva održivog razvoja |prevod| (1.43 MB)

perast-vodicEXPEDITIO has published a GUIDE TO PERAST in Montenegrin and English. In an interesting way and with lots of high-quality photographs the guide presents cultural and historical heritage of Perast and brings information about the location and history of Perast, important buildings in the town (churches, palaces, the fortress, etc.), as well as traditional events and additional information.

vrata-1The publication “The doors in the traditional architecture of the Boka Kotorska and their conservation” is the result of cooperation between EXPEDITIO and the Svenska byggnadsvårdsföreningen – the Swedish Association for Building Preservation following the restoration volunteer camps carried out in Perast.
Volunteer restoration camps are one of the possible and very positive aspects of non-governmental organizations that are concerned with heritage protection.
icon Vrata u tradicionalnoj arhitekturi Boke Kotorske i njihova restauracija (1.6 MB)

The publication contains translations of four European documents concerned with this topic:

1. Better Buildings, published by European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, B-1049 Brisel

2. Energy Performance of Buildings, Directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2002 on the energy performance of buildings
icon ODRZIVA GRADNJA – Evropska dokumenta iz oblasti održivog prostornog razvoja|prevod| (1.09 MB)

poljska-publikacijaThe publication “Montenegro on the Path of European Integrations – Experience of Poland” is a result of the project “For you could be difficult, too – make the process less painful” – i.e., study tour for representatives of administration and NGO communities from Montenegro to Polish institutions deal with EU integration
icon Crna Gora na putu evropskih integracija – iskustva Poljske (4.71 MB)

LFA-1LFA-Logical Framework Approach, an objective-oriented planning tool. The booklet sets out the LFA methodology and approach that can assist in analyzing, planning, presenting, as well as managing, projects or programs. LFA METHOD is used for analyzing problems, analyzing stakeholders, analyzing alternatives, defining a hierarchy of goals, and selecting appropriate strategy for project realization. The result of such an analytical method is a PROJECT MATRIX, i.e., a DOCUMENT in the form of a simple chart that summarizes the goals the project aims at achieving, the ways in which it will be done, a list of key conditions necessary for the project success and the ways in which planned concrete results and outcomes will be monitored/evaluated.
icon Prirucnik za planiranje usmjereno na ciljeve – pristup putem logickog okvira (LFA) (311.77 kB)

Naslovna stranaAt the end of June 2007 EXPEDITIO published a book by Professor Emir Fejzic, Ph. D., "Persons with Disabilities and Architectural Barriers." This is a first textbook in Montenegro about architectural and construction standards on adapting physical environment to the needs of persons with disabilities. The textbook was published within the project "Spaces without Barriers," funded by the Parliamentary Assembly of Montenegro within an annual fund-awarding competition for non-governmental organizations in 2006. icon Osobe umanjenih tjelesnih sposobnosti i arhitektonske barijere (4.51 MB)

This publication was one of the results of a two-year project funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation. The publication has been produced only in a digital form. The reasons for taking this geographic area as the subject of the research lie in its exceptionally vivid and diverse cultural landscape (natural and built environment) which despite being one of the largest potentials of the region has not yet been valued in a satisfactory way. The aim of the study was to present, at one place, all the potentials of Skadar Lake, the possibilities and limitations for their usage, encouraging in that way the process of defining the possibilities and conditions under which the integral sustainable protection and revitalization of this protected area could be carried out. icon Skadarsko jezero-studija (8.78 MB)

sutvara_0This material is the result of a summer school of architecture that was held in the village of Sutvara in Grbalj in 1998. The initiative for the summer school came from Mr. Boro Vuksic who organized and financed the students’ stay in the village. The students collected documentation about the existing state of the vernacular architecture of the village. The material has not been published before.


Sutvara (4.99 MB)

korice-palateThe publication “Palaces of Boka Kotorska” presents, in one place, all the palaces and other important and characteristic residential houses in Boka Kotorska which can be included in an interesting cultural itinerary. During preparation of the publication, we referred to a wealth of material and prior research on the individual palaces. The publication is accompanied by the website

EXPEDITIO is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to encourage sustainable spatial development in Montenegro and SEE region through activity in the fields of sustainable architecture, cultural heritage, urban planning and through projects that encourage overall development of the civil society. Expeditio was established in 1997.

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